Personal Coffee Subscription

From: $25.00 every 2 weeks

Every two weeks we will send to you 4 different coffees, each packed in individual 3 oz. bags. With each bag you can brew approximately 3 to 5 cups of coffee, depending on your taste.

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1. Choose how much coffee you need. Don’t worry, you can change you preferences any time. With one 3 oz. bag (and you will get 4 of them), you can brew approximately 3-5 cups of coffee, depending on your taste.

2. We are trying a lot of different coffees all the time. We are looking for different roasters and follow seasonal tendencies to find the best and brightest to share it with you. Trust us with your choice. Discover the world of coffee.

3. We will send freshly roasted coffee beans to you every two weeks. Why whole beans? To keep your coffee as fresh as possible. Even the cheapest grinder is better than pre-ground coffee.

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